Voice Monet is an award-winning, internationally celebrated fiercely independent emcee, visual/media/music artist based in New Orleans. An audiophile, black belt martial artist and  High Prie$tess of Hip Hop who honors family, discipline and storytelling as ART.


Over the past 19 years, Voice has released three albums of solo work in addition to collaborations with Christian Scott, P.U.D.G.E., Marc Mac (4Hero), and celebrated French producer Wax Tailor to name a few. Her successful collaborations with Wax Tailor on 2006’s Hope & Sorrow

and 2009’s In The Mood for Life earned her silver and

gold RIAA certifications for the singles she both penned

and performed "The Games You Play" and "This Train"

feat Ali Harter. Voice has a history of grassroots

organizing her own international tours and has

blessed the stages of world renowned venues like

L’Olympia and Bataclan (Paris), Paradiso

(Amsterdam), Cafe Leopold and Club FLEX (Vienna),

and 2013’s Montreal Jazz Festival.

Ms. Monet is currently running a cafe in New

Orleans’ historic French Quarter built on the

principles of the international Slow Food network

she is a part of. Believing that food sourced

locally from farmers, fishermen and food

artisans who care provides for not only a high

quality diet but more importantly plants a

better seed for environmental sustainability.

As a forward thinking and thriving single

mother of two sons, who better to promote

and encourage sustainability than a b-girl

entrepreneur immersed in the culture for

over two decades?

Voice_Cuba Day 1_FINAL.jpg


- Message In A Bottle -


This song is a time capsule I wrote to my sons before my youngest was born, explaining to them the complications of trying to sustain in my marriage to their father. This is a letter to them pretty much predicting that our marriage wouldn't survive, but our love for them both forever lives on.

- Touch Down -


Quarantine's got me in my feels... Here's an ode to being able to tour once again.

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- Last Tango -


Sometimes even the most graceful high vibration woman reaches her fill on dancing the dance of mundane work and romance... get ready for that Last Tango!



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